We are delight to announce that All Video Share Joomla 4 compatible version is released. Please click to download and install it

Step 1: Add Advertisement Videos

1. Login to your Joomla back-end.

2. Select Components -> All Video Share -> Advertisements -> New.


3. Fill in the form according to the following table.

Properties Description Example
Title Title of the Advertisement Video. Advertisement Video
Type "All Video Share" is capable of playing video advertisements before the playback and after the playback. Select one of the following methods as per your need,
  • Preroll
  • Postroll
  • Both
Video Upload or add the video file path. ad_video.flv
Click URL A web page link that should be loaded on clicking the advertisement video mysite.com
Impression No of time the advertisement viewed 50
Clicks No of time the advertisement Clicked 5

4. Click "Save" Button at the top right corner.

5. Congrats! You have successfully added a new Advertisement Video. Follow the same steps and add more advertisement videos.


Step 2: Enable Advertisements in your Player Profile

1. Go to Components -> All Video Share -> Players.

2. Create a new Player profile or edit open an existing Player profile.

3. Go to "Advertisements" tab

4. Enable "Preroll", "Postroll" options.

5. Save the changes.

Advertised Player Profile

That's it. Now the videos using this Player Profile will start showing advertisements before and after the playback.

The current version plays the advertisement videos at random from the list of videos added under "Advertisements" menu.

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