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AllVideoShare Player could be added to the Article pages also. To use this option, need to enable the plugin from System --> Manage --> Plugins --> "Player - All Video Share".



Plugin Shortcodes:

Easily embed video content inside your "Joomla articles", "K2", "Virtuemart", "Kunena", or any other Joomla component that supports "content" plugins. Use simple plugin tags like,

{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}

Then using {avsplayer} syntax inside the content area of your article page will replace the syntax with the AllVideoShare Player. 

Properties Description Syntax
id An ID of the Video that should be played by the Player. You can get the Video ID from Components -> AllVideoShare -> Videos section from your Joomla back-end. {avsplayer id=1}
autoplay Enable or Disable Autoplay. {avsplayer id=1 autoplay=1}
loop Enable or Disable to play the video repeatedly. {avsplayer id=1 autoplay=0 loop=1 }
volume Enable or Disable Volume button. {avsplayer id=1 volume=1}
muted Mute or Unmute the volume of the video. {avsplayer id=1 muted=1}
controlbar Enable or Disable Control Bar. {avsplayer id=1 controlbar=0}
currenttime Enable or Disable Current time. {avsplayer id=1 currenttime=0 }
duration Enable or Disable Duration. {avsplayer id=1 duration=1}
fullscreen Enable or Disable Full Screen option. {avsplayer id=1 fullscreen=0 }
quality Enable or Disable Quality Switcher. {avsplayer id=1 quality=1}
embed Enable or Disable embed player option. {avsplayer id=1 embed=0 }
share Enable or Disable share option. {avsplayer id=1 share=1}




Enable or Disable Custom Ads. {avsplayer id=1 adsource=1 preroll=1 postroll=0 }



Enable or Disable Vast Ads. Note: This attribute works only in our PRO version {avsplayer id=1 adsource=1 adtagurl="YOUR VAST URL" }

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