We are delight to announce that All Video Share Joomla 4 compatible version is released. Please click to download and install it

AllVideoShare Player could be added to the Article pages also. To use this option, need to enable the plugin from System -> Manage -> Plugins -> Player - All Video Share.



Then using {avsplayer} syntax inside the content area of your article page will replace the syntax with the AllVideoShare Player. 

Properties Description Syntax
videoid An ID of the Video that should be played by the Player. You can get the Video ID from Components -> AllVideoShare -> Videos section from your Joomla back-end. {avsplayer videoid=1}
playerid ID of the Player Profile that should be used to play your Videos. You can get the Player ID from Components -> AllVideoShare -> Players section from your Joomla back-end. {avsplayer videoid=1 playerid=1}

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