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This is the time to deploy the back-end inputs in front-end. AllVideoShare is capable of processing the output as a Module, Plugin, or the Component(Menu Item) itself. Here we speak about adding the Component as a Menu Item.

To add a new Menu Item:

1. Log in to the Joomla! backend.

2. Select Menus --> Main Menu --> New


3. Select the Menu Type as AllVideoShare. Currently, we have four Layout types.

  • Add New Video
  • Categories Layout
  • Manage Videost
  • Videos Layout

Here in the example, we go with Categories Layout

4. After the selection, you could see that AllVideoShare has some configurable options(Parameters) on the right side of the form. For Category Layout, AllVideoshare is capable of adding all the created categories in a gallery view (or) selecting any particular category to the Menu Item. Here is the example for Display All Categories.

5. Then, the final step is to fill up the Menu Item Details and save the form.

6. Congrats! You have successfully added an AllVideoShare Menu Item.

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