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AllVideoShare is completely free to use. But we have hard-coded some text inside the Player. We charge a little amount of money to remove this in term of Licensing. Licensing the player will allow you to remove the hard-coded text and add your Own Logo instead. For this, you will have to get the commercial key from our sales team and add it in the licensing section of the component.

AllVideoShare Licensing

AllVideoShare Licensing works based on the Domain Name. For example, if your Domain name is The commercial key will work only for But in the meantime, the key will also work for all the sub-domains related to It means the key will also work for,,, etc...

Getting the License Key

You can purchase our product from our site and after the transaction is complete, just mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your Paypal transaction ID and the Domain Name that should be licensed. Our Sales staff will reply you with your commercial key that needs to be added in License section of the component admin. Adding the commercial key will enable to display your Own Logo over the Player. There is no special package for the commercial users other than the Commercial Key.

Check the steps below to License the Player.

1. Login to your Joomla back-end.

2. Select Components -> All Video Share -> Licensing.

3. Fill up the form according to the following table.

Properties Description Example
License Key A Hexadecimal Value that is mailed by the Sales team of AllVideoShare to your email account. Your Commercial Key
Logo An Image file input. Supported formats are jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Recommended file size is 120 x 40. logo.jpg
Logo Position Currently, AllVideoShare has 4 Logo positions inside the Player screen. Bottom Left
Logo Alpha An Integer Value between 0 - 100. This value is used to control the transparency of the added Logo Image. 50
Logo Target URL to which the Logo should be targeted during the Click event.
Display Logo Show (or) Hide the added Logo inside the Player. Yes

4. Click Save Button at the top left corner.

5. Congrats! You have successfully updated your configuration settings.

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