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Thanks for choosing AllVideoShare. This extension contains several Modules and Plugins compiled along with the component. We know that selecting, downloading and installing each required modules and plugins for a newcomer of Joomla is not that much easy. So, we have put more effort and made all the extensions to compile into a single package that installs all the required extensions with a single click. More than all, AllVideoShare doesn't require any third party Joomla extensions to make any of its features to work.


Before installing AllVideoShare, please ensure your Joomla installation meets the following requirements:

a. Joomla 3.X

b. PHP 5.3 or higher

Check the steps below to install AllVideoShare extension:

1. Download the AllVideoShare component to your desktop.

2. Login to your Joomla back-end.

3. Select Extensions -> Manage -> Install from your Joomla Admin.


4. Browse to the location where you downloaded the Extension's archive file. Then press "Upload File & Install".

5. Congrats! You have successfully installed all the AllVideoShare extensions.


 Video Documentation

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