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What is Ad Tag Variable (Macros)?

Ad tag variable are special parameters that can be added to an ad tag URL that will send dynamic data back to your ad servers. Ad-servers may use ad tag variable to optimise fill rate and ad-targeting. Those ad tag variable will be replaced automatically by All Video Share just before the ad tag URL is requested to the ad-server.


Ad Tag Variables supported by All Video Share:

You can use the following variables in your ad tag. We will send their respective values back to your ad server when the player is rendered as part of the ad request.

Please note that you must include the brackets in the ad tag URL, and generally should separate each variable using an ampersand "&" character.

Variable Description
[domain] Domain Name where the player located
[player_width] Width of the player loaded
[player_height] Height of the player loaded
[random_number] Random number used for cache buster
[timestamp] Current date and time of the computer where the player loaded
[page_url] The URL of the page where the payer loaded
[referrer] The URL of the page from where the user referred to view the player page
[ip_address] IP address of the computer where the player loaded
[video_id] Id of the Video
[video_title] Title of the Video
[video_excerpt] Description of the Video
[video_excerpt] Description of the Video
[video_file] The URL of the video file


In the above example, the adserver is requesting the video name as "name" for which we need the ad. We are sending back this using [video_title] Ad tag Variable. In the same way, for "vid" we are send using [Video ID] Ad tag variable.

If you want more Ad Tag Variable, Please email us

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