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Modules in AllVideoShare for the front-end deployment.

1. Login to your Joomla backend.

2. Select Content --> Site Modules and here you can find our below Modules,

  • Player - All Video Share  --- Used to deploy the Player View
  • Gallery - All Video Share --- Used to deploy the Gallery View
  • Search - All Video Share ---  Used to search Videos inside the Component

All Video Share Modules

AllVideoSharePlayer Module 

Player Module

Properties Description Example
Select Player Contains the list of Player Profiles created by you at Components -> All Video Share -> Players section of the component. Using this option, you can select a Player Profile in which you like to play your videos.  1
Select Video Select the default Video that should be played by the player. 1
Video Title Show or Hide the current video title above the player. My Video Title
Video Description Show or Hide the current video description below the player. My Video Description


AllVideoShareGallery Module

Gallery Module-1

Properties Description Example
Type Using this module, you can display all Categories itself as a Gallery (or) Videos from a particular Category as a Gallery. This is the option to decide it. Videos
Select Category This option is applicable only if the Gallery Type is Videos. Using this option, either you can display videos from all categories (or) videos from a particular category. Display All Categories
Number of Rows Count of Video rows in the Front-end Gallery View of the module. 2
Number of Columns Count of Video columns in the Front-end Gallery View of the component. 2
Order By This option is applicable only if the Gallery Type is Videos. Using this option, you can refine the display method of the gallery. Latest Videos
Featured This option is used to display the featured tag video Yes
Popup Enable/Disable Popup Video Yes
More Button  If the number of videos is more than the specified rows and columns "More" button will be displayed  Show


AllVideoShareSearch Module

Search Module

Properties Description Example
Set ItemID Enter the Menu Item ID to play the video 154


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