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Check the below steps to configure All Video Share:

1. Login to your Joomla backend

2. Select Components --> All Video Share --> Videos

3. Here at the right top, you will have the Options button. Please click it



Gallery Settings:

Gallery Settings

Properties Description Example
Number of Rows Count of video rows in the front-end gallery view of the Component. 3
Number of Columns Count of video columns in the front-end gallery view of the Component. 3
Scaling Ratio (Image Height) A height of the output Image. 80
Video Menu ID Menu ID in which the video should play when selecting a video item from the gallery 0
Open Videos in Popup Enable/Disable Popup Yes
Vimeo Access Token Required to auto-generate image URLs from the private Vimeo videos Token


Single Video Page Settings:

Single Video Page Settings

Properties Description Example
Select Player The player in which you like to play your Videos. 1
Layout Currently, AllVideoShare has 4 Layout designs for the component's front-end Video Page. Default
Video Title Show (or) Hide Video Title in the component's front-end Video Page. Yes
Video Description Show (or) Hide Video Description in the component's front-end Video Page. Yes
Category Name Show (or) Hide Category Name in the component's front-end Video Page. Yes
Views Count Show (or) Hide View Count in the component's front-end Video Page. Yes
Search Box Show (or) Hide Search Box in the component's front-end Video Page. Yes
Comment Type Select your comment type. Facebook
Facebook App ID Enter your Facebook App ID App ID
Number of Posts Count of comments that should display on the site 5
Color Scheme Select the Facebook theme color Light


Frontend Video Form:

Frontend Video Form

Properties Description Example
Allow users to add

Videos types to allow in the front end while adding a video

  • Youtube Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • HLS Streams


Misc Settings:

Misc Settings

Properties Description Example
Enable Multicategories Enable/Disable to post the Video in Multiple Categories No
Enable RSS Feed Enabling this option will show feed icon in categories & videos menu layouts Yes
Feed Limit Number of feeds should display per page 20
GDPR Privacy Consent Ask for viewer consent before loading YouTube / Vimeo content. Yes
Custom CSS Using this option, you can play with your own CSS Styles and design the look of the Component's front-end. CSS




Properties Description Example
License Key Add your License Key Key
Logo Add your Logo Yes
Logo Position Select the Logo Position Bottom Left
Logo Alpha Select the Logo Alpha 50
Logo Click URL Enter the URL where you need to redirect when the Logo clicked
Display Logo Enable/Disable Logo Yes




Here you can set user capabilities for all user roles that are available on your site.

To disable Auto Approve User Videos for registered users, Please Select the user group (EX: REGISTERED) and set Edit State to Denied and save it and check

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