A Complete Video Share solution for Joomla!

Supports both Html5 & Flash. Playable in all devices.

A Complete Video Share Solution

A Complete Video Share Solution

AllVideoShare always uses Adobe's Flash technology to play your Videos. We have also implemented the support for HTML5 fallback to play your Videos in Mobile devices. Unless flash, HTML5 doesn't support many video formats. So, your Videos could be viewed in both Computers and Mobiles devices only if they agree with the following Technical Limitations. Since HTML5 is still in beta, we could not assure that the HTML5 fallback will work 100% in all cases.

Technical Limitations

1. Your Video should be in MP4 (or) M4V format.

2. Your Video should use H.264 Video Codec and AAC Audio Codec.

3. In Mobile devices, your videos could be played only by your device's built-in player. So, none of the AllVideoShare's Player profile settings will work in the mobile fallback.

Encoding Guidelines

If your Videos doesn't fit with above limitations, then still you have option to re-encode your videos using some brilliant encoders and make your Videos Mobile compatible. There are many paid encoders like Apple's Final cut pro which does the job perfect. But it is a good news that there is a Free tool called Handbrake which does the same job.

Eventhough the component has HTML5 fallback compatibility. We haven't tested the extension with any IDevices / Mobile Devices. We are happy to fix any issues found in HTML5 fallback. Kindly forward your issues to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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